Dragon age II

Cosplayer: BladeyCakes

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2015

10th August 2015: Craft Foam Feathers Some were attached to the armour as is, post sealing, others were covered in pleather and detailed for his shoulders - the purely craft foam ones on the armour didnt hold up as well as hoped - still better than actual feathers, but I will aim to fabric-back them before the next wear :)

10th August 2015: Belt Detailing Never made a belt from scratch before... everything, down to the buckle, made by myself.

Ouch, my fingers.

10th August 2015: Prosthetics aHOY! Part 4 Tested it about a week before the con.

I was most pleased because I looked like an in-game render <3 dat nose

10th August 2015: Prosthetics aHOY! Part 3 IT WORKED

8th July 2015: Prosthetics aHOY! Part 2 Sculpting Mr Flat-face

I gave him little frowny lines at the top of his nose because a) he has them and b) less effort or wrinkles for me since I dont have to frown as much to look in-character~

Getting there!

8th July 2015: Prosthetics aHOY! Part 1 Working on the nose piece for Fenris to get his roman nose (Aka his 'I ran face first into a brick wall, byebye nose-bridge') effect

Having a cast of my own face in my room feels mildly vain. I might draw eyebrows and a pencil moustache on it...

3rd June 2015: Sword Base This thing is appropriately huge.

Going to be reinforcing it with a dowel rod, which will then be utilised as a means by which I can make the sword able to dismantle. Just so I'm not lugging a 7-ish ft sword around to cons haha

3rd June 2015: Gauntlet Mockup Spent this evening making a mockup in craft foam of the main body of Fenris's gauntlets - since the main bulk of the fingers are done (just need to make the upper sections on those, and I'm sorted)

I can actually bend my arms so far, so that's promising! Worbla coming in the post so I'm hopeful I can get some decent work done on these asap C:

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 19th October 2013
/strokes face

We can be warrior bros together! <3

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 19th October 2013
Aww yis indeed we can <3 (I love Aveline, so yesplz~ ...she tends not to judge Fenris's mage-hate xD bonus)