Kyoko Sakura (Casual) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica




It's taken about a year, but finally, I'll be completing and wearing Kyoko to a convention.

Kyoko has been my favourite character from Madoka ever since I watched it all those years ago. Her magical outfit is my dream cosplay and since it is something I am not good enough to attempt yet, I am starting with her casual outfit.

It is going to be a wholly terrible Friday cosplay with ribbon sewn onto an ill-fitting hoodie and mismatching shorts in the dead of October but, it should be fun and that's all that counts.


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Progress Journal

17th October 2013


I have sewed the cuffs and will be working on the bottom of the hoodie tomorrow. After that I only need to tackle the hood and style the wig and make a bow and then Kyoko is finished!!