Raiden (v2)
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Cosplayer: digitalAlchemist

Variant: Desperado

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

8th July 2014: Damn, I've neglected this site. But! Raiden v2 is at the point of basically being completed! There's repairs to do, and the morphsuit needs replacing (damn zips), but otherwise I'm quite happy with the outfit for now.

Going to "semi-retire" it for now, to work on other cosplays I want to make. But Raiden will come out of storage, I promise :)

15th January 2014: Working With A Dremel (Or, How I Learnt To Love Worbla) So there's a total of... 7 or 8 body parts that are at least halfway to being paintable now. I've started to get used to the way Worbla works, how it glues to various things (especially itself, good lord) and how it reacts to the Dremel.

Which, by the way, I managed to sand a small part of my wrist with by accident. Stings like a bite right now. Don't do it, kids.

Moulding parts is getting a lot easier too, the Worbla is definitely helping keep things rigid as it cools down. Getting 2-way curves into plastazote isn't the easiest thing in the world, but having that solid backplate really does make it a lot simpler. I'm spending a lot more time fine-tuning different parts now, which I'm not sure is good or not; until I get more Worbla and foam, though, I can't really work on bigger parts.

On a side note, I was thinking (whilst sat with a heat gun in one hand, knee pad in the other, "a cosplayer's life for me"..) about Ness' Raiden (Nesabi, btw) from last year, and watching the repairs and updates she's been doing. She probably inspired me to remake this costume as I am doing now, and she was a big help in decided how I was going to go about it. Looking forward to seeing what she brings to the table this year~

That's enough for tonight though, methinks. My back's starting to hurt :P

16th December 2013: Worbla, you guys. This stuff is ridiculously easy to use, I love it <3 Shame it's so expensive, though.

I've started re-making the templates for parts from some stiffer card (a lot of the paper ones from last time have torn), and begun work on cutting out bits and pieces. I only have one sheet of foam and Worbla right now, so I gotta be careful! Starting with the smallest pieces seems to be the way to go - don't wanna waste all that material so soon!

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Nesproxy - 17th October 2013

That is all. ^_^