Dante - Devil May Cry 4


AyaCon 2013


So dante was deffinatly a dream cosplay with me ever since i played DMC4 but due to my body type i sorta got put in to the role of nero (which im not complaining about) but when i decided to go to paris for Japan Expo i decided to throw away my fears and just do it!

The costume itself is hand made by me and i have to say it was probebly the hardest costume ive made. due to being a very very big DMC fan i found myself making 7 different versions prototypes of this jacket and each one i hated. so i ended spending a good 6 months on the coat alone and im still not completely happy with it (FUCK YOU LINING I DONT NEED YOU ANYWAYS) i was just lucky my sister was able to help me line it with some left over fabric from a old costume in terms of the other parts of the costume

The Chaps- So the chaps i have to say i had to buy from a shop (kinky i know) because they are real cow hide leather and honestly i couldnt sew that.

The under Jacket- So the black jacket is home made using the pattern from my old roxas jacket

The belt Buckles- Hand casted by my dad (the joys of having a jewelry maker as a father)

ebony and Ivory- LAZYYY!!!! so these are just modified BB guns painted as i really cant craft guns

Rebellion- Now this is probebly my favorite part of the costume (skips and dances) the sword itself is crafted from mdf wood the rib cage is hand carved out of foam and coverd in apoxy resin. and the skull is actually just a skull from ebay. over all i have to say its my favorite prop :)

The costume was worn at

Japan Expo 2013
Hyper Japan 2013
Ayacon 2013
Alcon 2013

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