Queen Esther Blanchett (Black Pearled Gown) - Trinity Blood (Thores Shibamoto Artbook)


London MCM Expo October 2012

First prize at the BIFFF convention 2012




I begun to make this costume on the 14th of Febr 2011 and it was planned to get finished earlier for the London MCM Expo May but because of the illness of my father and his transport to the hospital, I had to delay it. Finally I got it finished after 10 months. Everything is handmade from top to bottom.

I used the patterns of my purple Esther dress and adjusted a bit. Sewed all the pearls and crystals by hand. I used over thousand beads. The ruffs were a real challenge and I made them according to a pattern which I designed myself. The rosary and corwn are made from craftingfoam and all the crystals were put on it one by one.

Please see the following video where you can find all my work in progress pictures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XLA4etdMYQ

More in progress pictures and full description of the dress can be found on my facebookaccount: https://www.facebook.com/Starlatje

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WhiteWraith posted on 7 November, 2014 - 07:33
This is such a gorgeous costume!