Dawn - Pokemon


Ever since Diamond and Pearl, I have loved the feisty blue haired trainer Dawn and her sassy Piplup. So who better to cosplay as for a return to the world of cosplay after being away for more than two years.

TinyRicki posted on 5 November, 2013 - 23:09
So awesome really hope can get to MCM B'ham so we can be Pokegals together. Always knw Misty and Dawn would be BFFs! ^_^

31st October 2013

Making Accessories

Today is about finishing off the details on Dawn's red watch and putting together her purple bracelet. I have a red watch with silver details and the silver is being painted in a black paint from Games Workshop as it sticks to metal really well. The purple bracelet is being made on a piece of purple cord, two 20mm lilac beads glued into place on the front so they don't slide about when its on my wrist. Image to follow later No better time to work on a costume that Halloween ;)

19th October 2013

Big Blue Eyes

So I got my contact lenses in the post this week. They are the blue pixie lenses for Foureyez.com. The shipping was super quick so I can not fault them on that. I am going to put them in and trying them out maybe a week for MCM Birmingham/memorbilia so get used to them, but the colour is really bright and should look awesome.

16th October 2013

Dawn's Scarf & Beanie

Today is for making Dawn's scarf and stitching the pokeball on the beanie hat. The scarf is made from a 150cm by 50cm piece of pink fleece which I can cut down to the required size once I've measured out the length I need and draw out a template for the shape. The beanie hat needs a pink pokeball sewn on the front that disappears under the fold. I have a template design drawn up ready to saw. Pictures will be up after everything is finished.

15th October 2013

Turning A Plush Toy Into A Backpack, Part 2

The inside of Piplup is now a backpack, Yeah! So now the next step is to attach the straps so I can wear it. The straps have been measured and the clips ready to sew in place. Once these are done, Piplup will be ready to ride around on my shoulder all day. There is one more step to do with Piplup but I'll leave that surprise of another day ;)

13th October 2013

Custom Made Boots & Blue Hair

Ok, so today I ordered my wig for Dawn and put in the order for my boots. These boots are actually being made to fit my legs and feet exactly so that is pretty exciting. They will be here in about a months time so I will post images when they arrive. First time buying custom fit boots or shoes.

10th October 2013

Turning A Plush Toy Into A Backpack, Part 1

So today's project is turning my Piplup plush toy into a backpack. Now I know some Pokemon cosplayers like to carry around plush toys with them but as Piplup often sits on Dawn's shoulder or head, I plan to wear it as an accessory. So I have the plush toy and a big pair of scissors as the first step is to remove the stitches around the toy apart from the head and remove all the stuffing from inside. I can then add a lining inside the bag and add the stuffing that is needed. Adding the zip is the next step. Images to follow. Wish me luck :)

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