Connor/ Ratonhaketon
assassin creed 3

Cosplayer: castiel12

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

22nd October 2013: sewing machine Have just finished making the 2nd Bracer & waistcoat part of Connor outfit, which replaces the terrible "pull over" that came with the original outfit. I'm quite proud as it first time I used a sew machine. It came out ok (not the best) now I gotta add sleeves on it tonight.

15th October 2013: almost there.. sort of finished both leggings, which came out ok, Nearly finished Connors weapon belt which took 3 days, a massive improvement over the cosplayfu one as it game accurate. not gonna have time to make a new pouch and holster so will rock the lame cosplayfu ones for mcm expo. but will have them for Birmingham one.

got my 2nd hidden blade from ammnra today. gonna have fun putting it together!

10th October 2013: leggings almost done finished 1 of my leggings for my Connor outfit, the place where I order my fake leather from sent me the wrong colour (actually it the was correct one) as the last meter of fake leather was darker than the image but I figured I could still use it for my leggings.

the lesson here is to always order more than you need!.. in the end the leggings are gonna be two tone. while not game accurate, it does look kinda cool!

7th October 2013: MCM here i come! I learnt a lot for yesterday WLFCC, got what I call a lot of "battle data" about my current outfit, I.e need to carry a emergence "spares kit" as my fancy new hidden blade lost one of it locking pins (actually paper) but I discovered in a crunch that you can fix using just a needle and thread!

Also gonna be looking at working on my character "performance" after that performance tips panel. other than that mcm Im looking at getting the leggings, Lower belts/ holster replace. and a new 2nd hidden blade to replace that crappy neca one. If I have enough time Im gonna try and work on a replacement fake sleeve or the waist coat