Naraku - Inu Yasha


Well, my GF has wanted to cosplay as Sesshomaru forever but never had the chance - so we're gonna make it happen next year! I didn't want to be any of the good guys though - so Naraku all the way!!!! :D

Cy-Fi posted on 20 January, 2014 - 16:39
Mask progress is looking good.

Cavahn posted on 20 January, 2014 - 16:49
Thank you so much! O: Letting the clay dry, and then I'll be making the mould and resin-casting the mask I will actually be using! (:

Clockwork Dandy Noodles posted on 20 January, 2014 - 19:22
Oh this is awesome, its not often this guy gets cosplayed :) I look forward to seeing this done

Megitymeg posted on 2 April, 2014 - 15:06
This is looking awesome!! Never seen a Naraku cosplay! I'm gonna be cosplaying Sango at the expo so it would be cool to try and get some pics! Can't wait to see this finished!

Darkiekun posted on 4 June, 2014 - 23:25
I wish to see a finished photo! And one day for you to take a photo with me as Sesshomaru ^^ Progress looks awesome though!

Make Cape
Paint Fabric Details
Resin Cast Baboon Mask
Buy Resin
Buy Fabric For Trousers
Buy Fabric For Top
Buy Fur
Buy Wig
Buy Sandals
Sew Main part of Cosplay

Total cost: £0.00

5th January 2014

Made a start!

Today I found the dress making patterns I'm going to use, and planned out the baboon mask - I'm going for something more realistic and creepy - rather than sticking to the blue colouring of the anime mask. I hope it will turn out well! I'm resin casting it and will start the clay face on Monday. I've ordered silicon and I have some resin left over from my Meredith armour, but am not sure if it will be enough... :') I'll probably have to buy some more. But I bought sandal socks and the wig! So this has finally begun!

1st November 2013

Getting a Head Start

I'm doing Naraku and Sesshoumaru with my girlfriend for WCC in April and MCM in May, so plenty of time to get to work! I'll be making his series!costume and his baboon mask and coat. I'll be resin casting the mask which I'll start asap - and then handpainting the designs onto the fabric because I really think I'd struggle to find a close match! s: I'm starting to browse ebay for wigs already and I think I've found one that might work... hmmmmm *rubs chin*

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