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Ariel (Swimmable Mermaid Fin) - Disney's The Little Mermaid





Since I have finally sold my old Ariel fin, I figured it was about that time that I worked on a new one. The one I used had become quite worn out since I had worn it to pretty much every con that I've been to and it desperately needed an upgrade.

I've been playing around with trying to make my new one a hybrid design( Swimmable and Walkable) and I think I may have cracked the secret. Of course I took a lot of inspiration from a lot of fellow mermaids out there and just smashing all together into something I find aesthetically pleasing :3

The tail is mostly made out of neoprene, however the neoprene I bought originally was dark purple. So I played around with some painting techniques and came up with something that was both pretty as well as harkening back to the true spirit of the film. I did my best to research the colors used in the animated film but since I couldn't find an exact color swatch from the Disney paint lab, I mixed a myriad of color schemes and kind of made my own thing with it. While the paint was still wet I dusted the entire tail with 2 different types glitter: A thin mint green glitter and a chunkier blue/ green glitter (ironically with the name "Mermaid." Go figure). I also added a few rhinestones on the fin to give the appearance of water droplets


Fizzykat posted on 6 October, 2013 - 19:17
Wow the fabrics you have found are beautiful!

Crystal-Heart Cosplay posted on 6 October, 2013 - 22:18
I'm still trying to figure out which one to use. :O It's really hard for me to decide on just one..

InfiniteJester posted on 10 November, 2014 - 20:50
Interested by this so far - the paint designs look perfect!

Crystal-Heart Cosplay posted on 12 November, 2014 - 18:51
Thanks a bunch :D It's been fun playing around with the different colors :)

The_Deadly_Unicorn posted on 18 November, 2014 - 22:55
This is looking really cool :D Can't wait to see it finished ;)

rosieroo posted on 14 January, 2015 - 19:53
great progress on the fin hun x

Crystal-Heart Cosplay posted on 17 January, 2015 - 07:30
Thank you :) I'm having so much fun putting this fin together :3 It's been an experience to say the least

Siouxsie James posted on 15 February, 2015 - 12:01
Looking great :)

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 18 February, 2015 - 00:16
That tail is looking amazing.

Crystal-Heart Cosplay posted on 20 February, 2015 - 04:57
Thank you :) I can't wait to officially shoot this at the beach!

PandoraCaitiff posted on 23 April, 2015 - 08:12
Very cool! And the practical mono-fin was a great idea

brigade-chief posted on 23 April, 2015 - 10:55
This looks really good!! Love the tail!! :D

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Progress Journal

16th February 2015

The Moment of Truth

Okay....Here we go :)
The tail is finally complete. Now it's the time to test it's durability. I'm not sure what'll come of this whole testing process, but with all hope, the tail will last. If not, at least I've got good pictures of it to remind me of what a good job I did before trying a new method :) Whatever happens, happy swimming

3rd January 2015

Currently On Hold :(

There were a few flaws in my original design. I want this tail to be multi-functional for both cons and for mermaiding so I'm going back and reevaluating the design to allow that. I want this fin to be perfect in my own eyes and I will strive to make this to the best of my ability. I'll definitely wear it for later cons and photoshoots :3

8th December 2014

Possible new shells

I've wanted to get Disney park inspired shells for eons now :D Lucky for me that angel-secret finally started selling the park shells. I'm thinking of getting them in white so I can paint them myself since their purple looks really awkward :-;

1st December 2014

Tail Painting

So I got the front somewhat painted similar to my test swatch :D
I'm extremely pleased with the colors I chose and I'm very proud of this. It's now the perfect shade of Ariel green~

I have glitter all over my floor but it was totally worth the mess :3

The scales are there, they just don't show up as well on camera.

17th November 2014

Finally Making Scales

I finally started drawing the scales on my tail :)
I've gotten halfway through the front of the scales in 2 days, GO ME! :D I'm so excited with each new scale I make.

2nd November 2014

Scale Test

So I've been just cutting scraps of the neoprene and testing the painting on it. I'm aiming to get a color similar to Traci Hines's new tail that she uses for her music video (That movie accurate sort of green blue) but it's been kind of difficult. This was my failed test but I think I know what colors I'll be using. I'll also be stenciling the scales on instead to make them more durable.

3rd December 2013

New Wig :)

It's about time I say goodbye to another little mermaid wig that I've been using :( After cutting it to a reasonable length and trying to style it again after washing it was not the easiest thing. It's pretty much unstylable now but the good thing about this one is that it's heat resistant so if I wanted too I would use a curling wand on this one :)


3rd December 2013

Finally found the perfect fabric

I managed to get super lucky and I found the exact fabric that the Disney parks mermaid tail has. It's a fish scale-esque sequin fabric that has a very beautiful shimmer to it. It even changes color in the light XDD I might have to line it though because it's going to be really itchy fabric Dx I'm kind of thinking I'm going to regret this decision later when I'm sewing it :/