Crystal Maiden - Dota 2

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I love playing DotA 2, and all the characters are awesome and cosplayable. I hope that I do make this costume sometime. ^.^

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Find or make (the more difficult way) the patterns for : 1)hood, 2)cape, 3)dress.
Sew everything,lol
Buy fur strips
Buy purple ribbon
Boot covers
Fake jewels
Stick for the staff
Bits of fur

Total cost: £0.00

7th January 2014

Dress pattern - done! Off to sew!

Yay! I've done the pattern, cut out the fabric and did a first try-on! Now I'm ready to get to the real deal - sewing! Hopefully I'll do it tomorrow and buy the purple fabric the day after.

24th October 2013

Main fabric

Yay, finally bought the main fabric in light blue, this is gonna be a bit difficult to sew as i bought normal cotton without any lycra in it. Let's hope I don't screw it. Now I just need to make or find patterns.

6th October 2013

The search began...

And so my search has began, looking for massive jewels and loads of light blue, and a bit of dark blue/violet fabric. I guess the nearest market will help me. That, the cosplayisland forum... or ebay .

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