Seven of Nine ('the silver suit' version... ;-)) - Star trek Voyager





Worn on the Saturday at Destination Star Trek London, OCT2012.

First costume I've ever made.

Items used for costume (including those used in making it)
-metallic morph suit
- high heeled shoes
-'spanx' style pants
-lightweight rope
-liquid latex
-latex paint
-Sculpey polymer clay
-paint brushes
-clay tools
-super glue
-washing-up glove
-pop-together bracelet

Chose 7of9 as she is the epitome of brilliance - her demeanor is astounding and I really enjoy every episode where she plays an major part.

The outfit was not well thought out (other than the prosthetics). I ordered the suit only a week beforehand, and it was a fair few sizes too big and totally the wrong shaped, so a friend and I had to take it in an alter it ALOT. Even then I wasn't happy with it.

The ripped section of the costume were made using the spanx style pants hoited up to under my bra - the lightweight rope was then superglued into the correct shape. P.S. NEVER ADHERE SUPERGLUE TO PLASTIC BASED FABRICS. I BURNT MYSELF!

I really enjoyed making the prosthetics, and out of all of the 7of9's I saw on the weekend, mine were by far the most accurate.

I recieved many many compliments on the day, probably had upwards of 1000 photos taken.

- never do anything last minute (hehe..)
- never wear heels of more than 5inches which you cannot swap for more comfortable shoes.
-always try to be in the best body condition or you'll look pretty bad in pics !
-practise your photo poses before the expo!


Ranma1-2 posted on 4 October, 2013 - 22:52
Well done on your first ever costume. I know that Lycra is very difficult to work with, esp the metallised stuff. My sewing machine refuses to sew it! Great work on your hair and borg prosthetic too. Seven is one of my faves. If I could do the hair I would attempt her. :)

ballet shoes posted on 18 October, 2013 - 12:02
Wow your prosthetics are fantastic!!!! You look amazing and the suit looks great especially considering its your first ever costume and you mentioned on the info that the suit had to be altered very last minute. I plan on doing Seven at some point in the future too. Very nice to meet a fellow Star Trek cosplayer and fan :)

nanahara posted on 8 May, 2014 - 20:51
you look perfect as Seven of Nine. Brilliant work on the cosplay