Kinzie Kensington
Saints Row: The Third

Cosplayer: SteamAndDust

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

27th October 2013: Styling My Wig Being a redhead like Kinzie, I could have used my own hair but there is no way my bangs/fringe will be long enough in time for MCM Birmingham thanks to my hairdresser. So my wig arrived yesterday and I have finished styling the back pieces into Kinzie's messy low bun style and styled the front side pieces that frame her and just need to play with the stray piece that is across her left eye and I'm one step closer to being finished.

11th October 2013: Removing Pockets and Shoulder Straps My military shirt arrived today. As it is not exactly what I need for this costume, I have to unpick the stitching around the pockets and the straps on the shoulder before I can begin with the fabric paint. I already made a stencil out of a sheet of clear plastic for the FBI on the back but I need to finish the smaller one for the front on the left.

This is going to take a couple of hours but I need to do it today as I'm off to Playexpo tomorrow. Won't be dressing up though as uni seems to steal all my free time at the moment.