Nagito Komaeda - Dangan Ronpa 2


16/04 EDIT: Finally getting around to him! I cheated in the end and just bought his costume off Taobao though I'll be making a few adjustments to it. I also plan to do some wig work to get his hair looking his trademark cotton wool like style.

30/07 I was a bit delayed getting to his wig so it's all a little last minute and I'm just praying it turns out okay. I bought an Ash from Coscraft and a matching pack of wefts which were all glued into the base wig for extra volume. I spent today cutting and styling the wig, putting in waves mostly. It's looking okay so far but gonna do a bit more adjusting before the con.

Jewels posted on 3 October, 2013 - 02:10
He looks so cool! I hope you get around to being him *_*

InfiniteJester posted on 3 October, 2013 - 09:21
Ahaha he's kinda a douche-bag, but I love him anyway :P

Jewels posted on 3 October, 2013 - 10:35
Aww but at least his design is awesome *v* I hope the second gets an anime as I'd love to get to know the characters more

InfiniteJester posted on 3 October, 2013 - 19:40
I think it's pretty likely given the teaser appearance at the end of one of the characters (I can link you to a walkthrough of it though, if you don't want to wait?)

kellyb posted on 5 October, 2013 - 17:53
Always great to see more people cosplaying Dangan Ronpa! Look forward to seeing this :)

InfiniteJester posted on 6 October, 2013 - 18:10
Needs to be more love out there for it! Thanks :)

supalurve posted on 2 January, 2014 - 00:10
I love Komaeda so much~ Can't wait to see this! It's going to be amazing :D <3

InfiniteJester posted on 2 January, 2014 - 10:46
Thanks! He's easily my favourite in the game :)

Immense wig of cotton wool like fluffiness
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