Nekki Basara (Pillot Suit - Version 2!) - Macross 7


AmeCon 2007

Best Performance Amecon 2004




Actually, nevermind, I'm not going to remake this for Aya. :P

I don't expect anybody many people to even know who this is, but this character is my favourite Anime hero of all time.

After watching all of Macross 7 and seeing what true "Burning Courage" is, I realised it was my destiny to cosplay this man. This was done at a time when good ole mum helped me make costume, so the basic suit is her doing.

The cushion around my neck, all the orbs, the wig and guitar are my work however and were done without help.

The guitar was from a friend, and was trashed. I took out everything and just re-painted and added bits. The wig was held up with spray mount! XD



alexfratley posted on 30 October, 2007 - 17:03
NO WAYYYYYYYY SOMEONE ELSE HAS ACTUALLY SEEN MACROSS FIREBOMBER WOOOOOOOOOO but back to the costume that ruled you should make jake be veffidas rosie as mylene and ross as ray!! you could even get a sybil ^^ oh dear seeing this costume has sparked fond memories i may be forced to watch a few episodes

Adamoluna posted on 21 January, 2008 - 14:16
XD I saw you perform that day!!! so much fun! That costume is wayy crazy. I haven't seen the Anime though :P

neko_riddles posted on 6 January, 2010 - 21:04
OMG NEKKI BASARA!!! I thought i'd just searc it to amuse myself, but there he is!! Class costume, class anime!!!