Lady Macbeth

Cosplayer: Mighty Odango

Variant: Ellen Terry's Beetle gown

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

10th February 2014: Most *(£$ing expensive costume evar The foil thread is the bane of my life. The crochet is eating through it waaaaay too quickly, I've spent over £100 on the stuff already.

I haven't even ordered the wig or the casting supplies for the belt yet.

So much money ;____________________;

18th December 2013: Crochet progress update So, I crocheted the skirt, and when it was done, it was clear that it was completely wrong. Hours of work down the drain, though thankfully not a waste of materials - I can either attempt to use it for one of the sleeves, or unravel the whole shebang and reuse the yarn.

Restarted the skirt using much smaller mesh (5 stitches per loop instead of 10) and adding in extra volume. Looks much more promising so far.

I am pretty unhappy about how quickly I'm getting through the foil thread though. Already gone through 10 rolls and there's so much more to do. I wasn't expecting one type of yarn to cost more than 1200 beetle wings!

Speaking of beetle wings... bit of a saga. I never received the first batch I ordered from eBay, and I'm still waiting for my offered refund, which I could really do with as £63 would be pretty handy around Christmas. I went to a seller on Etsy instead, and received the wings 2 weeks later. Much better! Photo does not do them any kind of justice, they are incredibly beautiful and shimmery.

21st November 2013: >_______> Was happily crocheting away at the skirt last night when I noticed something wasn't quite right. It had formed a twist in the loop. I was too far in to really want to unravel it all or start again, so I had to carefully cut, untwist and re-knot the chains. Really hoping the knots hold...

18th November 2013: It begins! Having mastered single crochet stitch, made a snood, learned an awful lot from making a snood, tested chain mesh stitch, and mastered chain mesh stitch, I'm starting on the real deal (scary stuff...)

I decided to begin with the chain mesh stitch on the skirt, as I still need to do some patterning work on the dress bodice before I can work out what shape the bodice crochet will need to be. Since I couldn't find foiled yarn in the right colour, I'm combining yarn and decorative foil thread to get the bling in there.

I am STILL waiting for my beetle wings. I am paranoid that work has sent them back, or that HMRC have destroyed them. Since they're the most expensive aspect I really hope they turn up ;_______;

7th November 2013: >_< I wrote up an estimated timeline for getting this done. It's going to take around 6 months... started patterning last night and will begin crocheting once my practice crochet snood is finished.

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 2nd October 2013
The design is stunning and I look forward to your progress on it.

Monkey avatar

Monkey - 7th November 2013
You know how excited I am about seeing this. It is going to be glorious. I cannot wait!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 18th December 2013
This would be amazing to see!

Metamorphica Cosplay avatar

Metamorphica Cosplay - 19th December 2013
Oh Such a wonderful choice of costume!

Metamorphica Cosplay avatar

Metamorphica Cosplay - 22nd December 2013
I know you are probably wanting to do this as accurately as possible. But when i saw those beetle wings i thought,those could be made from fake nails and a nail polish ive seen that perfectly matches that colour shift they have! A possibility if you run out of them ..or money and say only need a few more.

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 23rd December 2013
Thanks! Yeah, when they arrived I did think they would make really cool false nails, so the reverse would work too. I have ordered (& received) more than they used on the original dress so hopefully won't need to fake it, but if I do I'll bear it in mind :)