Fionna the human - Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake




I chose fionna as my cosplay for mcm as I love love love the show, and I most look alike to her, and prefer her costume!
I bought the socks and the bag online, and the tshirt as well. My friend gave me the hat as a birthday gift (I think she made it or bought it idk) and the wig was from online. the shoes I bought at clarks(those were the most expensive!) the most difficult part was finding the right wig! I loved this cosplay and It was very easy! I had difficulty with a skirt I had bought, it was faar to tight and short so i borrowed my friends high wasted shorts and they suited me well!
It was very hot to wear as i wore transparent tights as well, but I soon changed those, after that, it was super comfy, except the wig and hat which was very hot! the wig kept coming out of place, but as soon as i put the hat on, it became easier to keep it in place.


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