Sniper Wolf (Standard) - Metal Gear Solid




My second version of Sniper Wolf. New wig and jacket, new boots, new elbow guards.....

Next year I will be making the trousers and jacket from absolute scratch so if anyone has tips on improvements to make it spot on I would greatly appreciate them! The gun prop is also gping to be remade lighter, slightly smaller in scale and hopefully stronger too. With a working scope with any luck!

I know the wig needs a little spray to hold the fringe. I also have some trouble with it looking too lumpy or volumey, because my own hair is very long....if anyone knows how to avoid the lumpiness please tell me! I used 2 wig caps for this one.

Also, if anyone has ideas to help with attaching jacket to boobs I would love to hear them. Fashion tape is too weak, double sided tape tore off a chunk of flesh from my chest (a thumbnail size of every layer of skin and a bit more), and this year I tried micropore medical tape on my skin with double sided on that but even that caused some horrendous blisters when removed. I tried using warm water and soap when gently taking it off but still problematic. ..


Nesproxy posted on 11 October, 2013 - 20:33
I really love this. And the wolf pup is adorable. ^_^

ArcaneArchery posted on 11 October, 2013 - 20:37
Awesome cosplay - the wolf and heart prop really completes the look