Costume :Jean Grey
Variant :Phoenix
Source :X-men
Progress :Planned
Worn At :Winter London Film And Comic Con 2013

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Got a week to get this done, challenge accepted!

I'm taking my reference direct from the Dark Phoenix Saga, as her costume varies greatly in different images.


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End of Day 1 (Posted 28th September 2013)

Ok first off, excuse the tip of a bedroom - I only moved back this week and am getting a new wardrobe on Tues so I haven't unpacked yet! And my camera just doesn't like taking photos at night, so poor quality :c

I digress, so today I'd say I've almost completed the whole thing!
To do still:
Take in sleeves
Find a way to attach gloves to sleeves (otherwise they'll fall down and annoy me all day!)
paint base shoes, attach boot covers to shoes then cut and attach boot covers to suit (same as above!)
Black and yellow detailing
Install zipper (forgot it was a turtle neck thingy, so will definitely need it once the black details is on!)
Hem the belt
Make belt clasp

And I think that's it...? Definitely going to be done for next weekend! :D

Wig (Posted 28th September 2013)

So for this I'm actually using my Sansa wig, as it works and I haven't styled it yet.
I didn't want to use a red-red wig, and have gone for a more natural ginger tone, and it's a lace front so lends itself really well to this costume.