Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid Version) - Metal Gear Solid


AmeCon 2007





Metal Gear Solid is probably my favourite game of all time. It is an action movie which you play with an incredible story, amazing voice work and dialogue.
So, I have wanted to cosplay Snake for a long time and this Amecon I finally decided to, and do a little Omake skit to go with it.

The costume didn't involve a lot of making, but what I did have to make was something completely new and involved some thinking.

The pads, belt, boots, and guns were all made up from my airsofting gear. The pads were black but painted grey with Games Workshop acrylic paints and sprayed with varnish to prevent them scracthing.

The blue suit underneath is a pair of overalls from my dads old company, they are your typical workwear style garment and were perfect for Snake. (In my opinion anyway)

The vest and headband were the only things I had to make and the headband was super easy. The vest however was a big challenge for me.

The vest in the game is a peice of moulded bodyarmor. This was out of the question for me so instead I tried to re-create it.

It is a basic vest with modified arms to give the shoulder parts. it has a zip underneath the flap on the front, and the collar was attached. The whole thing is made of a front layer of "sharkskin" and then wadding, the inside layer is just some black drill fabric I had. The muscle pattern was done by making the vest sections and then sewing the pattern in on my machine.

The wig was a "Maple" wig and was styled for Snake that day in the changing room. XD It was my Li wig the day before.

All in all, this was one of my favourite costumes to wear...apart from how bleeding hot it was inside. I swear I lost weight just wearing that thing! :S

To watch my skit "24 Gears Solid" minus the 24 style intro, check out the following video:


MangaChild posted on 23 October, 2007 - 18:53
What a cool cos and a great well produced skit to back it up Its seriously worth a watch... Just in case you missed the link its here :P Back to the cos im loving the amount of detail there is you get some mega Kudos for doing the sneaking suit version of solid too.. Glad to see some of my photos getting use as well XD

alexfratley posted on 29 October, 2007 - 15:04
it was a great cos and a great skit you know you have to continue the skit next year at amecon right !! maybey a lil neck snap for raiden

Alias Cosplay posted on 2 November, 2007 - 21:02
Great Snake, your skit was awesome!

Anonymous posted on 11 November, 2007 - 18:20
Awesome! *__* You make a perfect Snake!

Odd-One-Out posted on 25 February, 2008 - 21:45
One of the UK's best Snake! Brb, codec's calling me.

vampiresan posted on 22 October, 2008 - 01:42
Wow probably one of the best snakes i'e seen :D though my bf will probably find fault with it like very other MGS cosplayer lol

BBmG posted on 16 June, 2010 - 00:31
Hah hah, I did a google search for "proper choke hold" for a reference to a MGS pic I'm drawing, and you popped up! Gotta love coincidences! Gotta love a great looking Snake even more! <3