Makise Kurisu (Jacket) - Steins;Gate



This is to be worn at Friday of Brisbane Supanova with my friend as Okabe.

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Dye Hoodie
Modify White Shirt
Style Wig
Buy Wig
Buy White Shirt to Modify
Make Hoodie
Buy Black Boots to modify
Make Black Shorts
Make a Red Tie
Modify Black Boots
Blue Ribbon
iDye Poly Brown
White Sweatshirt fabric x 1.5m (Lincraft)
Long Wine Coloured Wig (eBay)
Black Ankle boots to Modify (Kmart)
White Shirt (x2 School Shirts)
Red Tie
Black PVC fabric x 50cm

Total cost: £0.00

1st November 2013

Wig Styled.

Unfortunately I ordered a ridiculously long wig? But I really like the colour so I guess that's why. Had to shorten it slightly at the back and then trim the fringe into place. I don't like the weird side bits to the fringe but at least I have the peak fringe going on that she has :D (Also Apologies for PJ's I was in between dying her Jacket while styling the wig :P)

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