Beatbox - Micro Maniacs (video game)





*WARNING - This description is long*

Hello and this is my first cosplay showcase. I know the set up isn't all to good, but the home I live in is clustered with junk. Plus the room I took the photo in is extremely small.

Anyway, I present to you Beatbox, one of the playable characters from the noughties video game Micro Maniacs, which was a parody to the Micro Machines video game series.

I chose to make this costume because I felt I needed to do something creative and something that I could feel happy about.

The hardest part for me was making Beatbox's face. The recipe for it was a V for Vendetta mask with a cut off nose, lots of flower tape, a Sonic the Hedgehog RC Car wheel and a Star Wars voice changer piece I hacksawed from the toy itself. I then painted up with a combination of acrylic black paint warm grey paint.

The easiest part was organising it - My idea was to make it happen. That was the grand plan, I just had to put it into action. But besides that, finding the sort of right colours was an OK thing.

I learnt that you should never give up on something halfway through like I have done with many other things in the past. Because I ended up having a break from it halfway through and while I needed it because of other things happening around me and while it also gave me new ideas, it just made me want to complete it faster. I do go by the theory of do as much work as you can and then take a rewarding break.

It felt comfortable when I wore it. The mask is a little bit flimsy because the nose was cut off. And the hat was a tad loose. But other than that, it was good.

I am hoping to wear this at the MCM Expo in London coming up next month. So if you see a one eyed metal-faced kid walking round, that'll be me.


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