Ciel Phantomhive (Chapter 6 cover) - Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji




One of Ciel's more elaborate costumes, and when I was looking for future ideas, this one leaped out at me.

The frilly sleeves and skirt are what leaped out for me, as it will take the look to Ciel to a completely different level to my previous one.

The original hat was too small, so I picked up a more narrow top hat and added the flower to it.

I also bought a walking stick with a skull on the top at MCM Expo, as I felt Ciel needed some form of prop to accentuate the costume. My pimp stick, as it was called, went down well.


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Progress Journal

25th September 2013

It's arrived!

Well, today my latest costume arrived, which was wonderful news, as they said due to Halloween, there was a chance I wouldn't get it until early November. As this is to be worn at MCM Expo next month, that would be bad.

Over all I am pleased with it. The two main problem are it is a bit tight at the shoulders, so pulling my arms together is uncomfortable, and the hat it too small for my head.

The suspenders to hold up the socks are far too wide, but the plan is to cut them from the rivet and glue them tighter, so the elastic will help them stay up.

Can't wait to try it out at Expo next month :)