Uchiha Sasuke (the gay one..duh) - Naruto


London MCM Expo October 2007

no but i fell up the stairs...




Blue tob with uchiha fan
Beige canvas shorts
Ninja shoes from same material as top and flip flops and lots of hot glue and split pins..
leg bindings from same material as top and uchiha fan
armwarmers from same material as legs with a gold buckle painted silver and sewn on
headband bought at forbidden planet
copious amounts of hairspray supplied by Zhaena

meh i wanted to make this cause i'd just started watching naruto the costume looked easy to make and it was the second one i'd made and i wanted to do it well...plus i felt at my second cosplay cosplaying a well known character woudl be better for my ego XD

the harddest part was keeping the nija shoes from falling apart..i phail at this they broke so many times>< i suck at hotglueing

the easiest part..taking up the trousers to be shorts XDD

i learnt that a £2 pair of flips give your feet no support and fall apart, also that Sasuke with a sign saying 'sorry girls i'm gay' gets lots of hugs and photographs...:D

very comfortable to wear XD also quite cold at 7 in the morning...


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