Marceline (Regular) - adventure time




My niece loves Adventure Time, as do my friends so when they suggested we do an Adventure Time group for expo I agreed.

The jeans and top I bought on ebay, I picked the jeans in a cartoonish blue so that they matched the colours in the show. I also found the wig on Ebay, it was the one I used for princess Jasmine so i just washed it and trimmed a few bits to get a 'raggedy' rock style hair look to it.

The guitar is made with insulation foam; I sawed the foam and sanded it into shape. It did ok for expo, but before I cosplay Marcy again I need to sand it again, add some layers of glue/water mix and then re paint and gloss it. I will also restring it because I didn't string it properly and the wire looks loose as a result.


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