Rumplestiltskin - Once Upon a Time (ABC)




The most difficult part of the process was actually obtaining material that looked similar to the 'crocodile skin' effect on the lapels of Rumpel's coat... moslty because it looks like he has two tails from real crocodiles or fake leather that was embossed to look like the real thing, hanging across his shoulders... then there will be the dyeing of the stuff once I get round to it... should be interesting! I wanted something challenging, and that involved prosthetics, and this project has certainly provided me with the best of both worlds. Whether this will work out to the desired effect will be another matter...
The waistcoat involves a lot of cutting of shapes and piecing together like a jigsaw, with lacing of eyelets I'm having to punch through the material myself to get it to hold together, rather than sewing it all together. Which is atually more fun, I find...


Leonie Heartilly posted on 2 May, 2014 - 19:19
Great Rumple! Love that you included all the little details like the long fingernails etc

Wolfsgeist posted on 2 May, 2014 - 19:25
Thank you dearie! ^w^ Heheh, I'm going to try to avoid wearing fake nails in future... the glue kept going everywhere and I kept losing the blasted things ._. ... but yes, I'm quite meticulous when it comes to attention to detail :D especially if it's for a particular favourite character of mine! ^^

Moonchild posted on 3 May, 2014 - 01:30
Great work on this, you look spot on!!

HarryKurt posted on 3 May, 2014 - 21:45
This is absolutely perfect! Amazing work! *__*

Wolfsgeist posted on 21 May, 2014 - 02:33
Aww thank you so much! :D I'll definitely have to bring out Rumpel again for another Cosplay event (though just over 3 hours getting everything on is a bit of a nightmare -.o ... but the end result is one I can be pleased with! ^^)