maya fey - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney


Fuyucon 2007


i love the series and she was one of the characters i could play without too much trouble.
the con came up without me realsing and my sewing machine was in another part of the country, so its handsewn.

i was so happy with the colours of the purple; they worked so well, so did lining the white 'dress' thought i got realy annoyed with the lining satin.
the shoes i chose were the closest i had to her shoes in my wardrobe, they are also realy comftable.

it was quite cold to wear (in mid october)and the hair beads were realy heavy.

i was glad it survived the day, and i was happy it was apreciated by others at the con and in my anime and manga society (who i went to the con with).

as it was my first costume i fully made the learning curve was quite steep, and i learnt alot from making and wearing it so i will be able to improve on it when i remake it sometime in the future.

Numta posted on 17 November, 2010 - 21:26
Awesome maya fey ^_^

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