Freya Crescent - Final Fantasy IX


AyaCon 2013




Maaaaaan! A man doing Freya Crescent! This was both my first Crossplay and my first Fursuit combined but I just couldn't hold myself back from making this costume! Where did this start, when I first saw that tiny cluster of about three red and white pixels stood at the bar I didn't care what the character was I just knew this was gonna be a playable character and I knew I was gonna be making that hat. THAT HAT. Ohhhh, I love that hat, I didn't do it justice but damnit I love that freakin hat.

Anyway as it turned out Freya is a strong, thought provoking and highly independent character that really opens more questions about her past than the game has time to close, leaving a lot of people craving more info about her tragic tail (Snigger...tail). Of course the whole thing about Sir Fratley and his convenient AMNESIA is a little laughable but the attack on Burmecia and Cleyra is solid as Freya's driving force to sending Kuja back to the transvestite antagonists bar he fell out of. I will say that most of the scenes with Fratley are kinda sweet though so I guess the rest we can just forget about (snigger...cos know...).

I had a lot of fun and skin grafts making this (hot glue) and i can honestly say that I learned a lot about making fursuits and now have a MASSIVE amount more respect for those who do it all the time, it's friggin hard!!! Had to use two wigs in the end as one didn't fit over her MASSIVE HEAD.

The costume was made mostly by me and maybe some very patient friends towards the end, all bar the eyes which were made for me by a very lovely and very talented lady named Faruku (Faruku Costumes). That isn't her real name, but I'm not sure what she'd prefer so I'll just say she's awesome. I also read some great tutorials by Karen (FatKraken) Dawson who is also amazing at fursuit construction.

If you've read this far then I'm impressed, and as I highly doubt that anybody will have had the patience to read all this crap I'll confess a highly secretive and deadly secret that no-one up to this point has ever heard. I was once abducted by the owl people who live on Neptune. I know this sounds like a joke but I'm deadly serious, they pecked me and put sparklers in my bum. They only come out on a Thursday at 11.24pm, they wear sunglasses because unlike the owls on our planet they are allergic to darkness. I live in constant fear of them coming back, they swore they would be back for me, with fireworks. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE PEOPLE. THE OWL PEOPLE ARE REAL. THEY WILL FIND YOU AND PUT FIREWORKS IN YOUR PEE PEE HOLE!!!! OH CRAP, IT'S 11.23!!! I must sleep now.


ToroSonyCat posted on 19 September, 2013 - 19:38
Wow, this is so awesome! I really love the prop and what you did with editing the photos

Nekushii posted on 19 September, 2013 - 20:17
Thanks! I probably went a bit OTT with the photo's but meh. I just cut Freya out of the photo's we took of me and then added a different background, updated the lighting a bit and that's about it really. Some of the photos I added bits from the game, backgrounds, Kuja etc. Also wow, you really make a very awesome bubblegum! Like, 'if they made a movie of AT you could play her' kinda awesome.

Tsuchinoko posted on 19 September, 2013 - 21:58
This is really impresssive, especially for your first fursuit. I love the photo edits and the eyes that you had made for her, too.