Junko Enoshima - DanganRonpa

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I'm doing the 1st anime appearance version to start with for ease, for a quick easy costume to make. I plan to then add the details to it at a later date to match with the game version and the more commonly seen version.

Started watching the anime and for some reason I just really like Junko. Found out there are games and books and such, so would like to take a look at those too!


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Progress Journal

30th April 2014

Wig Progress

The wig for Junko FINALLY arrived. This wig is interesting. It's a back parted skin back and top wig with bunches that have been treated with heat and back combed to mat them, so that you can then pull them into shapes to create the volume and tendril like hair Junko has. Under the bunches, you clip on ponytails to give it length.
In the picture, all I've done is spent 5 minutes pulling the bunches about to see how it worked. I still need to properly work on it with a knitting needle and some sort brushes.

30th April 2014

Skirt and Boots

The skirt and Boots I've decided on.
The boots aren't accurate, at all but it's very hard to find mid calf boots that actually FIT around my calves that aren't super expensive. I found these for a very good price and could see they were fairly wide on the calf.

The skirt is a skirt I already had, just a shot to see how they look together.

The top is still in progress (the top in the pictures isn't the one I'm using at all) it's currently waiting for button holes :D