Yagami Light (High School version... sorta :P) - Death Note


Midlands MCM Expo September 2007

Fourth place Wildcard as Midlands Expo (woo, audience vote!)




This was my first ever cosplay, so forgive the simpleness :P It was nice to do something so simple yet so effective, that everyone recognised. And also nice because I was the only Light I saw at the Expo ;P It was awesome to have some fun being Light as he is so easy to make fun of. There's not much to say really on the making of it. It was done in a day with a trip to Manchester, then me and MrsChumphy (who played L) had a lot of fun with a photoshoot (which we couldn't stop laughing through XD).


Dei Dei posted on 24 March, 2008 - 23:16
Hey, I remember you from MCM midlands! My friend was dressed as L and we got a great photo with you as Light between two Ls! Your group was great, the skit was hilarious!

rosieroo posted on 17 August, 2011 - 14:19
you make such a good light