Jane Crocker (Normal) - Homestuck




Jane Crocker, original costume (might include a trilby and moustache) with significant vintage design.
Similar to http://fav.me/d6g32aj but with longer skirt, blue horn-rimmed glasses and blue headband.

Wig: Bought
Plain white tshirt: Bought
Transfer paper: Bought
Fabric (poodle skirt): Bought

Need to buy:

Flesh coloured tights
Light blue ballerina shoes or white sneakers (unsure)
White ankle socks
Large wooden/plastic spoon (to paint red)
Red lip tint


Might be bringing a box of cupcakes to the convention and handing them out for free! First come first serve, of course :B


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Progress Journal

1st October 2013

:0 wig!

Finally the wig arrived! Great length but needs some work. Also here's my glasses of choice~

7th September 2013


Got fabric for the poodle skirt and decided to put on an addition of a bright red apron :B