Beatrix - Final Fantasy IX




I can't actually remember what made me want to cosplay Beatrix. It may have been Rose Of May by Kate Covington, but I'm not positive on that one. Either way, she's happening. Perhaps because I was feeling rebelious? I dunno.

Sword currently being made, coat/duster in the miniature planning stages. I can use the same wig as I use for Katniss for Beatrix, with some different styling.
I'm also looking forward to building the armour!


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Progress Journal

9th September 2013

Time for a journal post!

Hi everyone!

So far for Beatrix I've made a miniature version of the coat/jacket so I know what shapes I need to draw out for my pattern, and that's as far as I've got with that side of things.

I've located a pair of leggings I can use, just need to buy them. Need to locate a white underbust corset too. Or make one.

Boots I need to find still...

Started making the eye patch, I just need to get some silver material then I can make it properly. I've decided to make it as a headband sort of thing that can go UNDER the wig. I might have to change that but for now that's how I'm working it out.

The wig. I was planning to use my Katniss wig, but it turns out it's actually too short. And probably too dark too. I'll find a new one instead.

Sword! Had a few issues with wood not sticking, but eventually I got it all stuck together, now I just need to cut it. The main blade and hilt are all one piece, and the hand guard will be separate and basically slide down over the hilt, hopefully making it a little easier to transport.

I think that's about it...