Ren (Rhyme) - DRAMAtical Murder





OH GOD this is more of an "ULTIMATE DREAM" cosplay than anything...
Which I might try to complete for next May
But yeah I suppose if I did this my friend always volunteered to cosplay it with me and ;w; I'd like to do the best job I can with it.


InfiniteJester posted on 4 September, 2013 - 09:47
Ahh, can't wait to see this!

AkujiDelano posted on 4 September, 2013 - 10:53
@InfiniteJester: Ahh! ;w; Thank you, actually knowing someone is excited about it makes me really want to push forward in trying to complete it~ [although my wallet will scream at me for months...]

Progress Journal

4th September 2013


Because I like to take cosplays apart before even considering them. Um.
From the top down:
*Wig: Dark blue, should be easy enough to order one in. It shouldn't require a massive amount of styling due to the headdress.
*Headdress: I need more detailed shots of that. I'm thinking of some kind of cloth with facing ironed onto it to make it stiff, then the addition of spray-painted card or clay to give the metallic bits. The dots can be painted onto the cloth. Hrm.
*Face markings: I've seen more detailed shots of that elsewhere, so that can be painted on with face paint and a brush and hair-sprayed so it stays on for the day.
*Eyes: Err I will be planning to see in this thing, so I'll want to get prescription contacts which are yellow like when he removes the headdress uwu
*Cape: *maniacal laughter* I'm guessing the top bit to it will be "stiffer" than the darker, more raggedy part of the cape, so I've maybe got an idea to use two times the material and put card under it or... something. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I've seen it actually bend, though, so I want to avoid making it look like armour or making it out of foam. It'd be super awesome if I could fit it with lights, but that might be a bit of a pipe dream.

I can't really see much else of his costume from the reference, so I'll make another entry for his trousers and boots. Wahey~!