Khaleesi (Khaleesi in Qarth) - Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)

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Beginner cosplayer alert (Posted 5th September 2013)

Ok everyone, please keep in mind I am a beginner "cosplayer" (call me what you will) I am just trying to have fun here and give it a go! I am so impressed with the time and effort I see all over this website and I admire it so! I am a mother of a 6 yr old dragon, I mean daughter, so we are just having some fun with this costume stuff. So lets begin...I found this wonderful dress at a discount clothing store for $3 and I though I could cut and sew it to match Danys dress in Qarth. Low and behold I find two of the same dress so I bought them both. I can use the other one for extra material anyway. The dress was a bit too big but I'm sure I can fix it. I went ahead and cut the back out to match her dress and will be altering the front as well as soon as I can find time to sit patiently and sew it. The color looks way lighter in the pictures but its darker in person and I think it will do. (I have to upload the pictures to the costume page please see)