Lone Wanderer (Armoured Vault Suit) - Fallout 3





The Armoured Vault Suit for the Lone Wanderer in Fallout 3, taking advantage of the fact you design your character look, so it can just look like me.

I plan to try and make some props for this, other than the pipboy which is absolutely necessary, I'd like to try and make a Nuke Cola Quantum bottle (which actually glows), a Plasma Rifle (because as guns in the game goes it doesn't look like real life guns), and maybe a Bottlecap mine - but I'm worried that will look too much like an explosive.

Ideally I'd want to make a glowing pipboy screen, complete with glowing buttons and a controllable clicker to replicate the Geiger counter.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to do any of the above, please comment.


Fables posted on 8 June, 2009 - 19:22
Not really sure on whether I can give advice on the props, but I do know I'm very excited to see how you get on with this- espacially the laser rifle!

CyanideCustard posted on 16 August, 2011 - 22:41
you better blow up megaton or else i'm your enemy!

Candystriped posted on 17 August, 2011 - 09:35
The pipboy thing - have a look on youtube! Plenty of tutorials for making realistic pipboys! The most common one is to buy on of the Pipboy alarm clocks - remove the clock, and slot in an iPhone with the PipBoy app so the screen resembles that of the games PipBoy!

same_difference posted on 22 August, 2011 - 21:32
Thanks for the suggestions.

Progress Journal

22nd April 2010


I've taken lots and lots of screen shots so I should have enough references to work from now.