Tonberry - Final Fantasy Series


J Con 2012

1st place Forbidden Planet manga night cosplay competition




This was my first ever convention, and my first real cosplay.

My sister (who helped me with making my cosplay) suggested I cosplay a character to suit my height. She was going as Vivi to J con, so I wanted to do a Final Fantasy cosplay to match her. That's when I saw the Tonberry and thought yes!

She made the cape for me, but I made the mask with newspaper and a balloon. She also made my tail and gloves. The lantern and knife were both bought from the pound shop.

It was nice to have lots of pictures taken of me that day, so thanks to everyone. Does this mean it was a good cosplay?

I also wore it to a cosplay competition at Forbidden Planet Manga night and came first. I won a Bleach wall scroll (which is great because I love Bleach. I hung it in my den), and a big plush jelly bean... thing.

I'll definitely cosplay again :D


Carmina posted on 18 September, 2013 - 09:31
Very effective! Well done ;)