Shatterstar (X-Factor) - Marvel Comics




We didn't give ourselves very long to prepare for Cardiff! My Rictor and I had less than two weeks from deciding who we were going as to showing up in full costume. Bearing that in mind, I was totally satisfied with the outcome.

I borrowed the boots, jumper and gloves from my Rictor. The belts were made from scratch, including the fancy X-design buckle (modeling clay and chrome effect paint). The boot covers (because who even knows what's going on with his boots in the initial design?) are made from my brother's old school trousers, webbing left over from the belts, and elastic used the wrong way around, for texture and strength.

The chaps were a laugh. I had no idea how those things are usually structured, and we didn't have any time or money to buy a pair. I cut up a pair of pleather trousers, and hand-stitched in a cheap pair of football shorts. Thanks to the elastic in the shorts, they do actually stay up on their own - it's a bit like wearing a very sweaty pair of pyjamas.

I already had the haircut, although trying to do my eye makeup had me hacking away at my fringe on the morning of the con.

The jacket is all thanks to my Rictor - she stayed up late with me and pinned the whole thing in to try and tailor it a bit - the sleeves started off practically down to my knees. Then I used some more leftover trouser fabric for the applique patches, and had to resort to mutilating a piece of Machine Man's costume for the Xs on the cuffs - the bias binding we ordered didn't come in time. I had to just colour the tips in with an OHP pen, because my sewing machine hated the faux suede.

Anyway, Shatterstar is brilliant, 10/10 you crazy diamond. Had a great time wearing this and would totally do it again.


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