Riku (Deep Dive) - kingdom hearts


AmeCon 2007




(Updated description in hindsight)

Riku was kind of hard to cosplay in, mostly because I couldn't see very well through my blindfold despite it being thin.

The Costume itself is made with PVC material, Unlined (So that the heat absorbtion is lowered due to many events being in summer) The silver beads were made from clay and sprayed with silver paint.The wig is a white wig cut to the right shape and the gloves and boots are store bought.

The only thing that I really wish I had changed with this outfit, Is to have actually made a Keyblade. Other then that I still have the majority of the parts and it has been very useful to lend out to those who want to try out costuming.

I also wish I knew more about the outfit when making it, as I made it purely from the Deep Dive trailer at the end of KH...


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