L (Ryuuzaki) - Death Note


Midlands MCM Expo September 2007

4th Place (Audience Wild Card) at Midlands Expo September '07




L was a really simple costume to do, but sooooo much fun! The hardest part was styling the wig, but I think I did a good job. I loved running around being cute and with no shoes on all day ^^ Although I gots a bit dirtie XP
I learned that sometimes the easiest costumes reap the biggest rewards, in terms of attention, pics and how you feel about it. I wrote a skit inspired by the work of Animosity Cosplay (a cosplay group in the US who did the Naruto Algorithm March and Akatsuki the Musical on youtube) involving L, Raito and Misa and a whole host of songbytes, and we won the Audience Wild Card award on the saturday. We had the BEST time doing that and it was incredible to have so many people cheering for us on stage, thank you to everyone who did!
L is an amesome character, I love all his little quirks, and (being a bit of a yaoi-head, episode 25's little fanservice moment XD Cosplaying as him was one of the most fun things I have ever done and I recommend a Death Note cosplay to anyone starting out and not sure what to cosplay as.


Dei Dei posted on 11 March, 2008 - 19:01
Hellos, I remember you from MCM midlands! Don’t know if you'll remember me, I spoke to you briefly and got a few photos. I was the girl with the pokemon bandana; my friend was also dressed as L. The skit you did with your friends was genius! XD You’ve got some great photos here. I love the one with the cat ears and the sugar stacking! Very L-ish :3

Anime_Angel posted on 8 June, 2008 - 12:02
I know you, you were also the Matt cosplayer in the cosplay meetup a few weeks ago (dunno your name lol) and also your that Konan cosplayer from collectormania in Manchester aswell^_^ Great to seeyer here^__^

sweettoothL posted on 3 March, 2010 - 08:25
thats really awesome + Cute!