Lan Fan (With Automail) - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


GEEK 2014 Margate Cosplay Masquerade - Overall Winner




This is my Lan Fan cosplay from FMA:Brotherhood that I was meant to finish for last October Expo. I left a few things until the last minute, then I ended up with food poisoning that weekend and so didn't get around to finishing what I needed to. Luckily I still had fun, and it also meant I got to spend extra time on it to make it look better (I resurfaced the mask, changed the blade and smoothed out the chest plate). So the lesson is to make sure you have plenty of time to get your costumes done, people! Always over estimate because you have no idea what can happen. The last minute rush really sucks, and I'm sure most of us have had to/will deal with it at some point.

It's doubtful I'll wear this for an MCM event because of the wrist band rules sadly, there's no way I can show my wrist under all that lot. I may try in the future, but I have so many other plans, I doubt I'll get the chance XD. Still, I'm happy I've got this costume done after all this time, since she's one of my favourite characters from FMA.

Her automail, blade and mask is made from worbla, and the chest guard from EVA foam. I used a glove made from a pair of black tights to make the base of the arm, and all the automail is secured on top (with strapping and a little help from ducttape ;P). I attempted to use braces to keep the trousers up and they proved useless, the trousers stayed up pretty well by themselves under the chest guard. The belt on top kept falling, I would in the future secure it to the armour itself to stop that.

I won the GEEK2014 Margate masquerade as overall winner, needless to say I'm still shocked by this. XD


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