Rigby (Human) - Regular Show




This. Is. Going. To be. SO MUCH FUN, YO~!

Seriously. I can't wait for October!

I'll be sporting my own take on a human Rigby, PLUS I should have some 'cool' alternate oitfits, too. Oooooooh yeah, sweet, sweeeeet fashion, bros! (I'm totally gonna get beaten up on the train in my Kanye shutter glasses....XD;; )

So much fun.
So much fun.
So much fun. 0_0


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Progress Journal

2nd November 2013

Scrapped stuff...for now...

...and this is the entire hideous ensemble. XD;;;; Yeah, I don't feel at all ridiculous! It would've been fun, though~

2nd November 2013

Scrapped stuff...for now

Okay, so I wasn't able to wear my 'Cool Outfit' from the episode 'Too Cool', but at least I have it for another time! This is the underjacket part...

27th August 2013


Had to eat SO MUCH to get this. Seriously. I actually DIED for this hat. DIED. Oh, and Mordecai helped, I guess.

27th August 2013

The makings of a Rigbone

Bits and pieces, bits and bobs~