Monster in the Darkness - Order of the Stick (Webcomic)




Overall for a first attempt I'm very happy with out it came out, and I look forward to fixing it, improving, and bringing it out again in future.

The Wearing:

Well it was hotter and heavier than I'd expected it to be, much like carrying a tent around with me, while being inside it. Hence I didn't wear it around for very long over the weekend. From the sound of it it definitely generated some reactions (though mostly of confusion) of course I couldn't see who was reacting.

The other reason I stopped carrying it, is one of the supports bent, meaning I had to physically hold it up to keep it in the right shape. The interfacing while working to stiffen the fabric up, did however tend to keep creases so it didn't transport as well as I'd hoped.

The Making:

A costume to hide in. Umbrella acquired, and is almost exactly the right colour. It supports the weight of the fabric well, currently using supports through eyelits in the darkness fabric, but will be glued as well once the detailing on the darkness is done.

Have spent several hours, making up for my inability to draw using a mixture of patience, perfectionism, measurements, maths and photoshop in order to make the roughly 21cm sized happy kitties from the umbrella using a 7x5mm original to get it right. Have printed on to transfer paper and glued on using carpet glue.

Have also made 2 demonic cockroach plushies, which turned out better than I hoped they would. They are pretty much red fur and pipe cleaners, held together with stitches and glue and filled with polyester pillow filling.

Six metres of interfacing have been ironed on to the inside of the darkness. A doorway with smaller gauze viewing window has been made and added, and the eyes, handles' beam, and handles' handle, have been glued, sewn and glued on respectively. The last of the fabric edges have been glued on to the umbrella with quite a lot of difficulty, and I can see myself using safety pins for emergency repairs as need be, hopefully the bulk of the glue will hold.

I'm not sure if the umbrella is going to be strong enough for long term use, as one of the supports has now bent, but worst comes to worst I can repair it in future. I've strengthened the umbrella using lengths of thick coat hanger wire, so hopefully the supports will hold now.

My other concern is I the fabric may not hand down vertically, because of the way I attached it. If it seems necessary and I have time (or in future) I can add a couple of triangular panels to ensure the fabric flares out properly.

Speech bubble signs on sticks, made from card and bulsa wood sticks.
Future plans:

I plan to unstick the darkness from the pink umbrella, and move the pink umbrella fabric hopefully on to a stronger umbrella frame. From there, I'm going to remove the interfacing from the darkness fabric, and do my best to deglue it generally, before handsewing it rather than glueing it to the umbrella fabric. Once that's done, I'll look at adding interfacing, or something else to the bottom to help it keep it's shape while hopefully avoiding the creasing problems I had as a result of transporting it. I may also cover any of the damage or dirtied kitty faces with cleaner ones.


SherlockHulmes posted on 22 October, 2007 - 12:54
OMG! YES! That would hilarious, even if only a few people would get it! You could always buy a light coloured umbrella and paint it pink. You need to try and get an Xxyon or Redclock to boss you around! And plushy cockroaches! XD Great idea man, super awesome cool.

MangaChild posted on 5 February, 2008 - 14:56
LOLZ awesome idea only with one potentioal flaw its bad luck to open an umbrella indoors :S its looking great so far XD

Monkey posted on 21 February, 2008 - 11:41
Can't wait to see this outfit completely and utterly finished. I LOVE the umbrella and now want to get one for myself hehe! And the plushie cockroaches are ADORABLE! Whoever thought that such things could be so cute? :) I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole thing finished. There really needs to be more OotS cosplayers! :D

1000014 posted on 6 August, 2008 - 01:12
I dont know what this is, but I like the look of it xD

kiichan posted on 6 May, 2010 - 00:23
OMG I loved this comic!! I wish I'd been around at Minami14!!