Freya (Black / Red dress - Pimp Master Prime's Ho) - Chobits


Minamicon 14 (2008)

Pimp my Mecha - Minami 14




We discussing evil plans for Wessex Skit for Mimami this year, I was struggling to think of a suitable iconic female anime charecter that would work with the idea. Eventually I slapped myself and decided on Chii. Having never watched more than one episode of Chobits, I went to the internet and looked for artwork. Eventually I decided on a Freya costume, purely because I liked it best.

The dress is made of Chinese satin, which was very cheap but reasonable quality, which was good, because it required 5 meters in total (3 in black and 2 in red). This meant that the total cost of the dress was the same as about 1.5 metres of crepebacked satin, which is what I was plannign on using.

I'm very pleased with the skirt. It's only two panels, and it's almost a circle skit, just much shorter at the front. It hung perfectly, and billowed a bit in the breeze. There was almost fan service when taking photos outside though.

The bodice wasn't so good. There are off the shoulder sleeves which just sit on my arms, and then the actual dress is held up by invisible bra straps. However I must have put on weight as I discovered when I was getting ready for the masquerade I could no longer do it up at the back if I put the sleeve on. The applique was also starting to come away by the end of the weekend. I think I'll try with a different stitch when I repair it.

Finally, I had wig hell. I've always got cheap wigs because cosplay is expensive enough already, but I think I'll start putting my overtime money into buying better wigs. Most of the pictures therefore are with my normal hair, which I don't think looks too bad. The chii ears were made from funky foam and a hairband.


Ilpala posted on 3 March, 2008 - 15:23
Awsome as always, I really liked that dress. Just a shame I couldnt actualy see you when I was in costume!

Komapsunida posted on 19 October, 2008 - 23:25
Could it be mein ears?? You look glorious! Now come and buy some tea! >_