Courier - Upgraded
Fallout New Vegas

Cosplayer: beefnoi

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th October 2013: Finished my Super Sledge Finished my weapon. Its actually pretty damn heavy so I have an old luggage strap that I can attach to it to hold it on my back. Ill be able to clip the strap on and off with some brackets I still need to attach but that wont take long at all.

24th October 2013: Finished Aviators Hat This was the last part of my costume that needed finishing as well and sewing my collar for my vault suit. I cut out the leather according to my pattern and stitched it all together. When I had stitched it there were some points in the leather that stuck out so to fix this I just kept sewing the inside until they had gone. Then I got some black edging and stitched that around the edge of the hat.

Once I had done that I cut out so squares with curved edges and a long piece of leather for the final detailing. Before I stuck on the squares I got two metal washers and popped them under the squares so that they would weigh down the sides of my hat. when I had popped them in I put the leather over the top and stitched around it, making sure the long piece of leather was also tucked under one of the squares when I stitched them on.

To finish up I just got some sand paper and a cheese grater and roughed the whole thing up.

23rd October 2013: Finishing touches Made and painted all of the smaller pieces to finish of my weapon. Just need to attach them.

23rd October 2013: Aviator pattern Cut out the pattern for my aviators hat. Just have to cut out the leather and add all the detailing to it.

22nd October 2013: Finished the painting I used gold and silver spray paint to cover the whole thing. I sprayed really light areas of black all over as well to make it look less shiny, only using the black spray mist.

22nd October 2013: Starting to paint I gave everything on my super sledge a base coat of black paint to make the other paint stick easier. I also sprayed my wellies black because I could only buy a cheap pair of blue ones from a charity shop.

Update (24/10/13):
Paint on wellies is still sticky and its the day before the convention. I wouldn't recommend painting wellies because its taking forever to dry.

19th October 2013: Finishing touches to the handle After the glue had dried and I had peeled off the tape I filled/smoothed in any gaps in the insulation with caulk. After that I worked out which size I wanted to make the details of the handle and cut them out of thin sheets of craft foam. I glued them in place with a glue gun.

16th October 2013: Top Piece After I had glued everything together for the hammer part I used paper mache to cover the cardboard so that it would be easier to paint and to cover the joins. To tighten the whole thing together I put washers and nuts on the metal rods and tightened them until the whole thing was squished perfectly together.

13th October 2013: Hammer I made these out of corrugated card. This was one of the trickiest parts so I cant really explain how I did it properly. It was mainly trial and error. I basically just made this from cutting out individual parts and gluing them together with a glue gun. The circular parts in the center are made of a thick tube cut to size and glued in.

To hold the whole thing together to the metal box I stuck a metal rod through the whole thing, each cardboard section and through the metal box, but also inside the metal box I put in a piece of cardboard tube so that the metal box wouldn't crush if the weapon were to fall over at all. I held the rod in by putting a metal washer on each side and tightening them up with a plastic nut. To cover the nuts I glued in a round piece of cardboard.

10th October 2013: Handle To make the handle I used two sizes of insulation tubes that I cut down to size and then super glued together. I held it in place with masking tape to make sure it didn't come apart in the night. I also glued it to the wooden bottom piece and to the second circular piece for more stability.

5th October 2013: Wig styling Styled and trimmed my wig.

3rd October 2013: Bottom piece Finished making the bottom piece. Made this the same way as the circular parts for my handle, only I didn't shape it with any tools. For this part I also made two smaller wooden pieces to stick on on top of the base and then for the smaller part that the handle attaches to. The metal parts are made of just that, thin sheets of metal that I shaped and drilled on.

To even out the weight slightly I attached a circular metal plate to the bottom.

29th September 2013: Circular Made the circular parts for the handle. Made these by cutting out 4 pieces of wood the same size and then sticking on smaller pieces along the edges of two so that I could sandwich two of the cut out shapes together. We nailed them for extra stability afterwards.

To shape the wood I used an electric sander and a rasp.

26th September 2013: Wig Finally got the wig Ill be wearing for the convention because I hate my own hair. Plus I want to make my aviators hat and my hair looks awful in a hat. Just got some styling and cutting to do, and practicing how to put a wig cap on lol, then Ill be all set to start making my aviators hat around my wig. Didnt want to make it first because otherwise it might not fit on my head with the wig on and all my hair up under it.

16th September 2013: Dynamite To make my dynamite I just got several cardboard tubes and cut them all to the same length. Then I got some string and painted it black for the cords. Once they had dried I taped up one end of the tube and then taped in part of the black string just to hold it in place inside the tube. After that I then taped up the remaining end making sure the string stuck out the middle. I then printed out the word dynamite onto some red paper and wrapped it around the tube and stuck it down, folding and cutting it when necessary at the ends.

To make it look more old and rough I got some sand paper and scraped it over the paper to it looked worn, then I just got some dark brown paint and painted over the sticks in places to make it look dirty. Just make sure you don't use to much paint otherwise it will look over the top. Then I stuck the three together with tape. The other one in the picture went wrong first time so I just put it there to show you how I taped it. I might print out another sheet of paper and stick on but I don't know yet.

14th September 2013: Belt I fixed my belt today because it broke last time I wore it to the convention. I took it all apart and put it back together although instead of using thin cardboard this time I used two long pieces of laminated paper for more strength. Then I stabled it back onto the back piece and stuck the rest back on. The I decided to repaint it so that it looked old and rusty.

8th September 2013: Finishing up for the day Lastly on this day I drilled all the appropriate holes into each of my wooden pieces. Then I attached the bottom piece of wood onto the pole by drilling holes and pop riveting it on. My dad helped me to get it all in the right position. This will gives us the line from where we add the rest to the top. The joins will b covered by the foam pieces.

8th September 2013: After that I next made the box that will sit in the top part of the super sledge. For this I got a sheet of aluminium and folded it into the shape and size I wanted the box to be. My dad did the bending for me so that it was as straight as possible and to make sure the edges where bent enough. When we had the correct shape I pop riveted the edge where it joins to hold it securely.

8th September 2013: Not sure what to call this part I made another part of the sledge today. For this I used left over foam packaging which I cut and shaped to make this part of the weapon. It took a few goes to get it right but I got there in the end. Just need to cut a hole through the middle for the pole to go through and to hold it all together.

24th August 2013: Back to work I took a long lazy break because I couldn't be bothered to work on it for a while but now I'm slowly getting back into it. Iv decided to change the whole height I'm making it from 134cm to 124cm. Only knocking off 10cm but it makes a pretty big difference. I cut out the metal pieces that will hold my middle and top wooden pieces together but wont attach them yet because I still have the main part that goes between them to make. When I cut them out I filed them down to smooth the tops and get rid of any sharp pieces from sawing it.

The main reason I shortened it was because Im worried about bringing something long into the hall at the convention because I dont want to hit people with it by accident. Iv had my experiences of people flinging things over their shoulders and hitting me in the face >_< The height restriction is 150cm but I just want to be extra careful.

10th August 2013: Planning my Costume Because I already have a lot of the costume made I'm thinking of what else to make to add to it. I want to make some fake sticks of dynamite as well as my Super Sledge and I need to fix my vault suit belt because it broke on the train when I went to the convention in 2012. I was also thinking that because my vault suit is number 34 that I might buy a cheap faux leather jacket and make a faux leather aviators hat like the boomers wear in the game. My dad has given me some really old aviators goggles that I can wear with it too. I'm also going to have to work on making it all look dirty and weathered too which Iv never done to anything before, so this will be fun when I get to painting my super sledge and making it look like its made of rusting metal >_<

8th August 2013: All the wood is Cut This is hopefully all the wood I'm planning on using because I'm not particularly strong so I still want to be able to carry the damn thing when its finished lol. These are the three platform pieces to form the hammer part of the weapon. I couldn't find anything that looked like the handle in the game so I'm just going to use an old door handle my dad found. Ill attach this on last.

4th August 2013: Starting to Cut We worked out the size and shape we wanted for two parts of the main top piece. The bottom and middle platforms. I cut out a piece of cardboard for the triangular parts so that it was easy just to trace round it for the first piece. Once we had drawn them out we got out my dads electric saw and cut out two separate pieces the same size and shape as each other. For the second piece I traced around the piece we had just cut out. Then I got out the sand paper and smoothed around the edges.

4th August 2013: Starting my Super Sledge I decided that for my costume I want to make Oh Baby from Fallout New Vegas because I love using it when I play the game. I'm a melee person. Me and my dad started by working out the size we are going to make it and how big each part will have to be. Its going to be from the floor to my shoulders so that's 134cm for the total height.

Just some tools we plan to use when we start cutting the wood.

VeeraWith2Es avatar

VeeraWith2Es - 27th October 2013
Your cosplay was awesome! And thanks for coming to take a photo with us (the Bioshock duo).