Nicolas (Nicolai) Conrad - Shadow Hearts Covenant




Essentialy, there was a Shadow Hearts group, and I liked the design. I've never played any Shadow Hearts games so know little to nothing about the character.

This was my first attempt at doing applique, and it worked out... alright. Next time I'm not going to use metalic thread, not even embroidery thread.

Particular happy comes from the silk on the blue sections and the way the cape/collar/cross turned out (the meer fact it stood up is pretty good).

I will be doing some modifications and tune ups to this costume however, it will get a rewear sometime.


Mighty Odango posted on 31 March, 2009 - 12:22
It suited you very well! Metallic thread, on the other hand, is a nasty horrible thing and should be avoided at all costs >_< Mary Spencer taught me that.

Ninodog posted on 1 April, 2009 - 20:49
I agree with Odango! Metallic thread unravels into an unuseable mess!!!!

Tiran posted on 1 April, 2009 - 21:00
I realise this now, I just diddn't before, it needed to be tried. I shall use the metallic for any fixing up I do, but future costumes shall be matte as much as I can.