Hatsune Miku (Synchronicity) - Vocaloid


AyaCon 2013



This was made for a group cosplay that didn't happen this year, and I was asked to play Miku.

I didn't make this myself, it was made by a friend of mine, and my mother did parts too. It's made of satin, which was very hard to machine sew because it was so slippery, and the material frayed like mad. Beneath the bought corset is a bodice that was made to attach to the skirt, which is lined with green flower edging. The same edging was sewed around the socks and the satin choker. The clip holding the choker to the dress was bought at a charity shop. The embroidery on the satin underwear and chest piece was done by hand. The bought corset originally had black lace on it, but it was cut off and replaced with the green lace you can see. The same green lace was glued to the satin gloves with fabric glue. To top the look is a mask from Venice, which was bought as a late birthday present. For the ribbons, I sewed two teal and one pink strip together and platted them before sewing the other ends together and tying them in a bow over the tails.

Next time I need a costume I will be able to do more myself, now having tried a sewing machine, though I will still need a lot of help.
Due to the experience with the satin I am unsure I will use it in the future, and I may go for a more expensive one if I do.

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