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Kitacon 2014


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Elbow Pads
White Jacket

Total cost: £0.00

1st March 2014

All the grey parts complete

Finished the top of the jumpsuit and the elbowpads. Just the green part of the jumpsuit and the wig to finish now.

28th February 2014

Completed Jacket

Finally finished my jacket. Really pleased with how it has turned out.

23rd February 2014

Jacket almost complete

Really bad photo again but this is my jacket almost finished. Just need to sew and neaten up the edges. It is super comfy because I used left over white jersy to line it.

21st February 2014


Finally bought all my fabric for Beth. Going to start sewing the jacket tonight.

9th February 2014

Boots and socks

Really crappy photos but I tried on the boots and socks together. Need some sock glue to hold them up.

30th January 2014


Finally found and won a pair of boots on ebay. Hopefully they look ok when they arrive.

29th January 2014

Jacket mock up

Using a pattern I made from a denim jacket I got from a family friend I made the mock up for Beths jacket.

3rd September 2013

Jumpsuit mock up

Working on a mock up of the jumpsuit, pretty pleased so far. Also the socks arrived, need to get some glue to keep them up though

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