Hero - Dragon Quest VIII




For my first costume I'm very happy with how it turned out, though I can see value in trying to tidy it up in places, and making a weapon for posing purposes in future, but that's only minor.

The wearing:

It was comfortable to wear, though walking around in Wellington boots all day was tiring on my feet, and having a belt sitting just below my sternum never stopped feeling odd.

The only problem I had was the glue gun glue not being strong enough to attach the boot cover to the wellies with all the movements in walking, so using something stronger will be necessary before the costume is worn again.

The making:

So far under the watchful gaze of Ailsa-chan (Cosplay-sensai extraodinaire) have made the shirt of this costume. It's made from cheap blue polycotton, and as it doesn't stretch it's a little tight across the chest. I've had to put in a couple of extra panels, as I have discovered apparently I have hips that matter (at least as far as non-stretchy fabric is concerned).

The yellow knee length waste coat (well what else can you call it) is done. It's taken much longer. Mostly because of the 98 button holes required for the 'stitch effect' ribbon to be woven in and out. The pocket worked out well too.

The bandana is done, and a base Munchie has now with addition of a mohican and a tail (as the base is a toy hamster) been successfully Munchie-ised. The mohican and tail bristle is made using bristles from a paint brush stuck together with glue gun glue, and then cut from the brush before being glued on. The rest of the tail is string wrapped in tape, I consider it a moderate success.

The boots tops are done, and happily glued, so the wellies I used for the base now look like leather wellies... well at least it's accurate.

Currently, thinking of not making a boomerang to go with it for simplicity and times sake.

Costume picked for it's simplicity as a first costume, though 104 button holes later I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't as simple as I thought.


Ilpala posted on 21 February, 2008 - 09:46
Looking forward to seeing this in person, It's an excelent first costume!

perfectly_purple posted on 26 February, 2008 - 10:54
Awwwww Munchie looks soooooo cute ^_^ And pretty close actually if you look at the guide book he's next to! Can't wait for you to show me it in person!

Ilpala posted on 3 March, 2008 - 15:16
Most Impressive first costume and an excelent Hero for our group!

Ikkaku-kun posted on 23 March, 2008 - 13:51
Haha.... from playing this game ive realised that 'Hero' is just Goku from dragonball z ..... when you do full tension he blatently goes Kaioken XD