Nao - CELL


AyaCon 2013




Another cosplay of Nao from the band CELL.

Making this cosplay ended up costing more than I'd originally projected. I had to remake the skirt as the first one ended up too short and generally looked horrible.

Another issue I had was finding the right reds for the different parts of the costume. In the end I had to compromise over the vinyls I used. Essentially it was that or nothing.

One thing I did omit on this costume was the lace lining in the ends of the sleeves. Again, I couldn't find the fabrics and wasn't willing to put in plain red (which wouldn't show against the red cotton) or red-and-mostly-gold (which would show and be obviously wrong).

The shorts were a bit of a learning experience for me, as I've never sewn any like that before. I bought a pattern for this part rather than drawing my own, because I had no clue what I was doing. It turned out to be a pretty nice pattern, though I had to adjust it (I cut a size or two too big, even though I was following the pattern sizing chart...)

The leg warmers were made in the completely gung-ho fashion of pinning fabric around my legs. Laziness FTW!

As I mentioned in the description of my other Nao cosplay, I used the same wig across two cosplays. It looked its best with this cosplay, before being abused through leaping around and headbanging!

Despite all the vinyl on a warm summer day, I didn't find this too uncomfortable once I'd got used to it. Biggest bugbear (asides from the wig) was having to adjust the suspender straps on the legs every time I stood up, as they would slip whenever I sat down!

As well as the clothes part, I also made the jewellery for this cosplay. The black choker was pretty simple, as was the necklace. I ended up ordering a heap of beads online to do the bracelets (which I didn't even get a picture of, bah) and scrutinising pictures to figure out how they should look. A couple were part of official band merchandise, which made it easier as there were clear pictures :)


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