Nao - CELL


AyaCon 2013




Cosplay of Nao, guitarist of the VK band CELL. Not sure what 'version' the costume is but it was the first to pop up in promo pictures/on his blog!

This wasn't too much of a headache to put together, the hardest part was the sleeves!
I made it all out of sheeting, because it's cheap, and comes folded double on the roll, so more fabric per metre :)

For the red spatter effect I just mixed up some red and brown acrylic paint in a jar with lots of water, spread everything out on a tarpaulin and splashed at it with rags, paintbrushes etc. This wasn't the best method because parts where there is a lot of paint (such as the cuffs) ended up pretty stiff. I could have got some fabric medium to mix with the acrylics but I wanted to use what I had to hand.
Found out too late that the bottom half of this costume is entirely skirt. D= Due to lack of clear references, I assumed (based on general style of Nao's costumes since ever) it was a skirt over very wide-legged trousers. Now I know it's not. If I use this cosplay again I'll make the skirt because accuracy makes me happy.

The wig was a pain in the butt to style. I used it across two cosplays of the same person and did this one second, so by then it had been through a day of wear and a party, which meant some rapid restyling for this cosplay!

Despite all the fabric, it was comfortable to wear. The sheeting made it nice and light in the warm summer temperatures. The most awkward part was, again, the wig (because the wind blew it into my face a lot)


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