Teito Klein - RETIRED (Novice robes) - 07 Ghost


We didn't have a Teito for our 07 Ghost group so as the outfit is the same, I swapped from Hakuren for a while in the afternoon to him - as it happened, that day at expo was basically the stormiest day ever and so everyone pretty much looked windswept in every photo. (i legit had to change into Teito earlier than I'd planned as Hakuren's long hair was just a nightmare to control). This was a lot of fun though regardless!
Note: This outfit is not 100% accurate as I'm literally just rewearing my Hakuren robes which are slightly different cut-wise at the bottom hem - just wearing this for some photos with Frau though. I'm intending to a different outfit for Teito one time so will make it completely accurate then!

EDIT: The robes weren't very well made and have since been thrown out so this costume is now retired.

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25th August 2013

wig test

Did a quick wig tester to see if the one I picked for him would work. It's not perfect but his hair is so hard to get right that I think it will have to do.

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